Bersama memelihara kesehatan secara alami

Oh my got, it’s very very delicius, may be 1 can make it.

Beyond the cupcakes

I love love love love a rich, (moderately) boozy fruit cake. Because of this I have always veered away from making them because I could probably eat a whole cake in one go. Or over 2 days at least…

However I have always really wanted to bake my own Christmas cake and marzipan, ice and decorate it, but I resist and enjoy just a slice, or 3, of my mums and MIL’s instead. However i have figured that this year I am pregnant so I am fat anyway, plus I’m already eating my way steadily through the UK’s chocolate digestive supply so having to remove a chunk of Christmas cake from each thigh on top of the biscuits really wouldn’t make any odds! So this is the year I will get to enjoy baking and making my own! Yippee!

So here we go part one, in pics: soak your dried…

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